After-school day care

The school day treatment is an intensive treatment for school-age young people on the waiting list of Youth & Family Supervision Bonaire to possibly be removed from their homes and youth residing in the community within the LVH and Kas di Karko. The young people from the time they are treated on the waiting list and this can prevent a possible inclusion in the community. Because young people are already familiar with the process of foundation Project can this facilitate a possible placement in LVH or Kas di Karko. For young people from a group within the LVH or Kas di Karko can process back home to be accelerated.

The after-school day care will also take place in the activity of Foundation Project and is open Monday / Friday (12:30 to 17:00 hours), during school holidays. The youngsters are picked up by the foundation bus and taken home. In the afternoon they will be offered a lunch. Within the after-school day care, there are two fixed group of educators who control the group. They are trained to observe and report, writing programming, working with themes and teaching activities.