The setting

There is a huge amount of positing enthusiasm needed to get away children with strong enforcement patterns over the threshold to like each other to do something. The group educator must therefore so tempting imagine the interest and social need to be awakened. This is primarily needed enthusiasm and evocative setting. Therefore, the treatment takes place in a situation that should be the beginning of a route, the 'big story'. The day-care and after-school day-care Foundation Project occur within a real-life activity (Surf Village, the big story) which consists of a sailmaker, surfboard repair, carpenter, obstacle course, hostel and catering kitchen. The culture and style of the Surf Village is adventurous and exciting and closes entirely to the interests of young people. In addition, guests staying at the hostel an open mind and are very social for young people increasing. The Surf Village thus creates a different experience to the youngsters. They are part of the bigger picture and are not equally troubled that go to an institution.

Experience Learning Sectors

The activity center offers young people the opportunity to learn through experiencing to discover where their talents, creativity, passion and eventual opportunities in society. Experiential learning is made easy: learn by doing! The supervisors experience teaching young people learn the technical skills. In addition, the experiential learning of young people self-esteem and self-confidence, which contributes to personal development.

Experience Learning Sectors which are used within the program are:

  • Sailmaker
  • Surfboards repair
  • Catering kitchen
  • Carpentry
  • Hostel