Day treatment

The day treatment is an intensive treatment for youngsters from 9/16 years that may end in whole or in part in school.

  • To place youth have behavioral / border or derailed behavior. Concrete examples: verbal and / or physical aggression, oppositional behavior, threatening, disruptive behavior in class, authority problems, insufficient willingness to abide by rules and regulations.
  • To place young people have problems related to their own schooling and education. Concrete examples: no motivation for schoolwork, poor learning outcomes, missing teaching conditions, threatening blockage or failures, problematic absenteeism, suspended or removed students, students who may not be in place in mainstream education.

The goal for the young people to find again after a specified period at the regular education that suits their needs. The day care takes place in the activity center. The activity center is located in a country house in the mangrove area, consisting of experience teaching sectors catering kitchen, sailmaker, surfboards repair, carpentry workshop, hostel and an obstacle course. The day care is open Monday / Friday (8:00 to 12:00 pm), during school holidays. The youngsters are picked up by the foundation bus and taken home. In the morning they offered breakfast. Within the day care there are two fixed group of educators who control the group. They are trained to observe and report, writing programming, working with themes and teaching activities.